Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest - September 2009

We drove to the mountains to look at some trees.

As always, I took a photo of Chelsea as we started our trip.

And the one and only Burt Reynolds, waiting patiently to get out of the car. 

En route to the forest we stopped in Robbinsville for lunch.  Not at Snider's though.  Snider's was closed.

The Rash clan met up with us there.  Jake, as always, is thrilled to have his photo taken. 

Baby Rambo was there, preparing for his future when he has to hide out in the woods from Brian Dennehy.

This was a damn huge & damn tasty piece of pie and I ate the whole damn thing.

After a short drive from Robbinsville, we landed at Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest.  It was damn beautiful. 

Please take note of the rock caught in the roots of the tree.  That tree ain't fucking around!

It starting raining on us mid-hike.  Well, it didn't start raining on Rambo as he had some crazy umbrella get up rigged into his
baby bjorn.

Wet Rash family portrait.

"It's not a tumor!"  It's just not a walk through the woods without quoting a little "Kindergarten Cop". 

This lichen reminded me of a black-n-white cookie.  Probably less tasty though.

On our way back, we drove through Cherokee.  I'm sure it's been done many times, but it really needs to be thoroughly photographed.

Tons and tons of vintage signs everwhere. 

Happy Birthday, Region!