Visiting Home Part Two - July 2007

It just so happened that some of my friends were in town as well, so we all got together like we were teenagers
and skated the Burnsville skatepark.

We'd only just got there and Ray was already a sweaty mess.  It was so goddamn humid it felt like you were skating
in a tropical greenhouse. 

Jason (on the left) also came to town, as he was getting married up on his farm, and he was joined by NYC friend Nico.

A miss and a make of a kickflip to fakie by Jason.  (click photos to see video clips)

Ray's turn, with a miss and make of his own on a frontside air.
(click photos to see video clips)

Ray getting his lien-to-tail on. 
(click photo to see video clip)

Jason filmed some lines as well, which will probably be up on Youtube eventually (oh wait, it's already there... there is
actually a quick clip of me doing a kickflip to fakie on the flat bank - it's nice to have some proof I can actually still land
that trick.)

Accidental shot, but I like it so fuck it.

Thumbs up from me on a fun day.  For the record, this was my second t-shirt of the session.

Of course no session would be complete without Ray giving off a nice
"blue steel" to the camera.

Now it was Nico's turn to shine - first you get a tail stall...
(click photo to see video clip)

...then a 5-0 stall...
(click photo to see video clip)

...and finally, the "hammer" if you will, a madollie!
(click photo to see video clip)

Jason gets in on the fun with an axle stall.

This close up needed to be made, not only for the Ned Flanders-like quality that Nico posesses, but that t-shirt is
pretty much one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

It's always fun skating with these guys...brings out the teenager in me for sure.  Here's til next time.