Hate Breeders at 12 Galaxies October 2005    

Holy sweet balls, the Hate Breeders decided to play another show!  For those out of the loop, the
Hate Breeders are a Misfits cover band featuring Andy Lund of Lower Forty Eight and some other
dudes probably of other things but I dunno.  

Conan was there, and just as excited as me.  Note Bonnie with the lurker move on the right side
of the picture.

Tack was there dressed as a "former Marine, current computer nerd".  Effective costume.

Mike and Amy were there too.  Mike challenged Conan to a grin-off.  I think Conan won.

Sharon came dressed as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She had a stake and a cross and a
retractable knife in her purse.  Also, Mexican jelly candies, because no vampire is complete
without treats.

Here I am stabbing her in the neck.  It really brings back the memories from prison...

Here's Ian, Sharon's old man.  He's one of those Buffy characters too - Angelis I
think was what I was told.  Which involves fangs and dapper outfits.

Tack was shooting the Hate Breeders portion of the show.  Apparently the footage
came out pretty great, although there is no doubt a lot of moments where the camera
is moving around due to him getting bumped by the mosh brigade.

Tanya showed up later, here with her old man Conan, who is obviously still competing
in that grin-off from before.  

Frank Chiu was there!  Yeah, that sign doesn't make sense to anyone but him, so
I wouldn't worry about it.  

And then he got up and gave the oral version of the nonsense on his sign, something
about alternate galaxies and impeachments and god knows what.  He does this pretty
often here actually.  I guess when a club is named after you, you kinda have your run
of the joint.

"I got something to say
I killed your baby today
And it doesn't matter much to me
As long as it's dead

One of the band shots I actually like - cannot figure out that digital camera.  damn delay.

Some other random live shots - I especially like the last one cause Andy looks like he's
going to vomit.

And a few random crowd shots - pay special attention to the faces Conan is
making in these, especially the upper right one.  

Goddam I love the Misfits.  Lots of singing along from the whole crowd.  And
sweating.  And funny costumes.