Hallow-Ian! October 2006  

Ian had a halloween-themed birthday party - even being stupidly sick couldn't keep me away.

Our hosts for the evening - IAn the princess and Sharon, Miss Tractor Pull 2006.

Chelsea made fancy cupcakes for the shindig.  

The hosts went all out with their set-ups, even went so far as to procure dry ice to put in their
cauldron of adult punch.

More decor.

Chelsea dressed as a deer, all based around the fact that she got those antlers in a
Burger King kids meal.

I dressed as one of the extras from "28 Days Later", since I did have the plague.  Plus, no costume
is complete without a rat tail.

There was a pumpkin carving contest, where in honor of Ian's birthday you were supposed to
carve a pumpkin to look like him.

The results - since I can't carve a face for shit, I got all pictionary with the fact that he is Australian
and did "shrimp on the barby".  

Whereas Chels went way literal, and made hers say "I Heart Ian" only it is too big all to fit in the

Chelsea spent the better part of the evening enjoying the adult punch and many snack choices.

Hey, it's Tack as "stupid sexy Flanders" from the Simpsons!  See a clip of that scene here.

A survey of the party scene, from left to right: Ali G, a cat, the princess, Speed Racer,
Rainbow Brite, and a frenchman.  Othe costumes on the night included Dorothy from the
wizard of oz, a sexy nurse, and another Flanders, among others.  Good times had by all.