Gotta Be NC Fair - May 2012

Along with the usual flea market, there was a mini state fair at the fairgrounds, and a free one at that. 

It's not a trip to the fairgrounds without a photo of Dorton arena. 

Flea market toys.

"Pig Butt on a Stick" - my favorite butt to eat off of a stick.

Chelsea opted for other pig parts in tube form.

There was a petting zoo, where it's always tough to balance your sadness for the animals with your desire to see them up close. 

There was a ton of vintage tractors and trucks and other such things but this one was the only one I took a photo of. 

Broken water balloon in mid-flight. 

Like the big fair, they had rides.  They were just smaller and there were less of them. 

"Hog Drop"

The rides aren't quite as interesting in the daytime as they are at night, but I snapped away anyways. 

Kid in the middle was so into this ride.  Cracked me up.