Fourth of July in the Mountains - July 2009

Went up to ye olde homestead for the long weekend...

Burt doing his funny sitting on the drive up - cracks me up every time I see it. 

This is his attempt to mimic a Morrissey album cover. 

We went out on the lake with the usual suspects - Mom and Bryan...

...Chelsea and Me and my moustache...

...and Max and Burt.

Lake James.  It is very lakey there, water and such. 

These guys contemplated copying the dive from a high speed boat like they saw on the intro of "Baywatch", but thought better
of it.

I had an entry a while back about my mom getting a new boat and us driving out to ride on it, and never showed the boat...well,
here is the boat.  It's a big damn boat. 

No Bengal tigers here, so we got out of the boat.  Please take note of the double headed Bryan in the reflection. 

At least as long as we have had him, this was Burt's first time swimming.  He freaked out and loved it at the same time.

He spent a lot of time sticking his snout in the water and biting it.  Look, I never claimed he was a smart dog. 

There was lots of raft lounging on the lake this fine day, which is about the best thing to with rafts. 

Burt getting his "Joe Cool" on...I should have never shown him those Peanuts comic strips, now he thinks he is hip like Snoopy.

This obviously tickled him to no end. 

Wacky haired wife and a demented dog, this is my life. 

That, and catching a case of the sun stroke. 

In non-lake news, there was a stick bug on the side of my grandma's house.  Awesome little bastards. 

We also went to an Ashevill Tourist's game, where Chelsea drank herself a liquor kool-aid.

Probably the best happening of the whole weekend was when I purchased this airbrushed painting of a viking on black velvet.
Please take note of the arm of the vanquished foe in the background...that's real art for ya. 

The Rashes came over with their new baby, Rambo.  Well, I guess he's only kinda new at this point, having been around a few

And I'll end this with a drawing Jake Rash did on his phone, the second best piece of art I saw all weekend.