Christmas in Florida (Phone Edition) - December 2016

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge between St. Pete and Bradenton, at dusk.  Cool bridge!

Went to the beach, took a photo of the ocean, as I am prone to do.

This was getting loaded up in our condo parking lot...I asked the guy if I could have it, and selfishly he said no.  

As noted in the other journal entry, we went to the Ringling.  Here is further proof.  

They had an exhibit on Asian-inspired circus exhibits.  Loved this poster.  

More shots of the ibis...I wish we had these birds here.  Our birds are stupid.  

It's both hard to explain or photograph even in panoramic mode, but they have a scale model of the circus from it's heyday that is MASSIVE.  This shot might be a tenth of it.  

The level of detail is nuts.  

Also, some of the characters are hipster chickens.  

Went to the beach again.  This happened again.  

This beach was packed with shells.  Goose was way into it.  

Found shells.  They were everywhere.  

A state so ridiculous they get a Slurpee flavor named after them.  

From our trip to Myakka River State Park.  No river here though.  

And this is where the river becomes a lake with the inventive name of Lake Myakka.  

Panoramic shot from the top of an observation tower in the woods.  I observed...a lot of trees.  

Flying home.  The end.