Christmas in Florida - December 2016

Seemed like a better idea than the gross and cold weather we usually have here in NC.  Of course, it was pretty nice the entire time we were gone, but not
Florida in Winter nice.  

We spent our time in Siesta Key.  It looked a lot like this the whole time.  The water was a bit chilly though.

My serious ladies.  

Went to the Ringling in Sarasota, the art/circus history museum founded by the Circus creators.  There were a bunch of ibis there to greet us.  

This was part of the art museum  - really digging it.  

Close up detail.  

They had a ton of old posters on display in the circus history portion of the museum - this was my favorite.  

You can probably guess what this is.  

The train car the Ringling family lived in when they toured with the circus.  

Some fancy old circus trailers  - they would fill these with animals or whatever else needed transport to and from the train to the circus location.  

The less extravagant, workmanlike trailers that I still found interesting enough to take a photo of.  

Also, apparently freshly carved camels like to wear jaunty hats.  

Goofy baby in the funhouse mirror.  

Lola really enjoyed "driving" the replica of a clown car.  

The Ca' D'Zan, the home of the Ringling Family.  A real dump.  

The view out back.  A real shithole, like I said.  

Serious baby contemplates the fact that she ain't gonna grow up in a swank joint like this.  

Three generations doing very little to pose for the photo properly.  

More ibis (ibises?), this time posted up on the powerline outside of our condo.  

Took a drive a few miles down the road to Myakka River State Park.  Gators!  Lazy-ass do-nothing gators!

Also, weird gray birds.  

Walking through one of the trails in the park.  Jungly.

This tree was an airplant supernova.  

No shortage of Spanish moss here or seemingly anywhere else in this part of Florida.  

There was a short canopy walk and tower you could climb t get a 360 degree view of the park.  Reminded me a lot of being in top of the Myan pyramids in the
Yucatan.  The two
areas were probably even connected once upon a time before the lands shifted.  

Upper Myakka Lake, featuring an airboat tour and a heron.  

It was awful pretty out there.