Laney College Flea Market May 2006

I love flea used items, poorly made imported crap, and junk food.  Heaven.

For some reason in California you always have to pay to get into the flea markets (or "trade lots"
as I knew them to be called growing up).  But it's worth a dollar for the potential of cheap treats
and all of the great people watching available.

Entering the fray.  Yes, us crackers were very much the minority at this affair.

Luckily, we scored right off the bat - I've been needing 48 rolls of toilet paper for  a while now, but the
grocery stores sell them in two small of quantities.  What the hell am I supposed to do with only 8 rolls
of toilet paper at a time?


It was bloody hot as hell.  Which reminds me, why is it so hard to find those army hats with the back flaps
nowadays?  I used to wear one of those all the time when I was a kid, they made for a good deterrent
for a sunburned neck.  I could have used one of those on this fine shopping day.

If there is one thing you can count on in flea market over everything else, it's bootlegged items.  My
favorite on the day was this Strawberry Shortcake ripoff umbrella called "Lovely Pet".

I wasn't sure if this was for sale or a theft deterrent, because this dummy was the only one manning
this set-up.  It did freak me out a little at first.

Another thing you can always count on - cheaply made toys!

Vendors!  The dude on the right was filling up zip lock bags of veggies with some sort of
spice...not sure what that was all about.

We ended up with a couple of owl figurines and some truck burritos to round out the afternoon.  It was a good day.