Everglades National Park - January 2016

The bad news is an ice storm stranded me in Miami on my final weekend down there.  The good news is I made the most of it and spent that time
in the Everglades.  The place is amazing.  The bad news is I didn;t have any of my good cameras with me, so these are phone only.  Can't wait to
go back with good gear and more time.  

It looks like this in pretty much every direction.  It's water underneath all that grass.  

True fact: the Everglades isn't a swamp, it's just an extremely slow moving river.  

Oh, and it's full of gators.  I saw a lot of these guys.  This one was about three feet away right next to a walkway.  

I like turtles.  

There are airplants growing everywhere.  There are airplants growing on airplants.  

These probably have a name, but I called them braille ferns.  

This tree seemed awful happy.  

Another of these - this one was a pretty decent length.  

This was called the skeleton forest.  I think these are the only (or one of the only) conifers that lose their needles in the winter.  

The old ranger station - it marked the start of a long gravel road I drove through the backwoods of the park.  

The whole park is very flat and very straight.  

Probably the most surprising part was how clear the water was...you could easily see the
bottom no matter the depth, though to be fair the depth is almost always very shallow.  

An anhinga, drying it's wings after diving for food.  Pretty sure it's a type of cormorant.  These things are as common as pigeons in the park.  

Hey, a gator!

While I was there, I took an airboat ride, because that's what you do.  

We scared off a heron, which like the anhinga are goddamn everywhere, usually just long-legging around.  

The boat tore ass through here.  

This gator was as enromous as this photo is blurry.  

Not quite as common but super cool looking, the purple gallinule.

Can't wait to go back...