Long Weekend On Emerald Isle - May 2017

Spent Memorial Day at Pine Knoll Shores with the family, eating seafood and getting sand in our cracks and whatnot.  

To get there you have to drive through many small towns of Eastern NC.  This is obviously Beulaville.  

Most of these are from highway 24 between Warsaw and Jacksonville.  

Under new management.  

Driving over the bridge to Emerald Isle.  

Though the water was cold, beach time was still had.  I dug these condos, seemed like the sort of things that would be used as backdrops in a movie from the
seventies depicting the future.  

Lola had herself a grand ol' time.  

As always, the kid outlasts the parents.  

Took a visit to Fort Macon, the old Civil War era fort that sits at the far eastern end of the island.  Wish my house had a moat this nice.  

Lola enjoyed her time there, especially running around in the open rooms like a crazed, rabid squirrel.  

The joint was way bigger than I expected.  Worth a visit to be sure.  

We also dropped by the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, and now I've seen all three state aquariums.  I love an aquarium.  


This albino loggerhead turtle is named Nimbus, and he is awesome.  

This turtle is not named Nimbus nor albino, but is probably still awesome.

Out behind the aquarium...

Sunset at our condo, which was way better the first night we were there but I didn't have my camera handy at that time.  

A few phone photos of stuff I missed with the big camera...

Panoramic view of Fort Macon.

Cool tree on the walk to the beach.  

Fancy pants house in downtown Beaufort.  

I think this semaphore code translates to "John, while you're at the store don't forget the eggs."

I feel like if you were really dedicated you could go lower.