Drew's Wedding - August 2008 

So we got all dolled up and drove out into the sticks of Los Gatos for a fancified, star-studded country affair...

Posed photo with the crew...Ray almost got his "blue steel" in there at the last second.

The king of enema bags, Hank, was there to grret us.

"Make it Santori time."
I decided to get some more use out of my wedding suit.  Chelsea did not choose to follow me down this road. 

One of the many photographers, and fellow North Carolinian, Brendan.

And of course his lovely lady Kelly.

"Brother B" aka Brian, surfer, movie nerd and friend to all, managed to escape the Mission long enough to take in some festivities.

Drew's brother Chuck with my old lady - the bowwtie brigade was strong this day.

Crappy snap of the bride coming down the aisle, as they often do in such situations. 

Brent, Etta and Molly were posted up just behind this, and I snapped this over my shoulder.  Seriously cute baby. 

The ceremony, as it were, with the vows and the rings and the kissing and such.

As is tradition in Los Gatos, a gang of fast-moving, bright yellow moths are assigned to swarm the good couple.

Adam Bagerski made it to the party!  This was a pleasant surprise, one of my favorite people ever, and I didn't expect him there.
Here the man himself and our Todd enjoy a couple of jars of ye old "Arnold Palmer". 

East Bay king Paul Shiek was there to raise the cool quotient.  He was successful, as I felt way more hip just standing near him.

Not only was Adam there, but his sis Meredith too...here Adam is showing off his custom embroidered suit which states:
"You Look Wonderful".  Apparently this was a test run of the suit before he wore it as a best man.  I was really jealous of this suit.

The Mattson 2 played some live jazz stuffs for the cocktail crowd (Tommy Guerrero joined them for a few songs as well, but I forgot
to take pictures of that). 

Todd and Jamie.

Brett and Etta, going hard at the appetizers. 

Ray and Adam. 

Drew goofing about with his flower girl/niece, and taking a rest from the gladhanding. 

Abstract wedding photo #4652.

Brian and Chelsea, most likely laughing at something Adam said (who was on the other side of me).  He was in rare form all day.

TeeCee and Zeetar, as they are known by the kids. 

"My Name is Andrew Paynter, and I'd love it if you would vote for me for County Commisioner this fall."

Check out Rachelle looking for a high five, and Thao totally leaving her hangin'.  BURN!

Group shot for someone else that I poached. 

Cordani was so balls-to-the-wall all day that this is as close as I got to a decent photo of him. 

Chuck and the cape his mom made for him.  Not many can pull of a cape...George Constanza's Dad's Lawyer, Chuck...I think that
is about it. 

It was getting dark, so I took a picture of the lights.  You can't learn instincts like that, it is just innate in you.

Blurry-ass self-portrait. 

First dance...hopefully they enjoyed this more than I enjoyed my first dance.  Nerve wracking, that. 

After they finished, it was dance party time.  A lot of party arms going on.

I was trying to sneak up on Todd and Jamie...not successful.

The cape in full dance action.  Notice how once the cape came on, there are no more pictures of Chuck from the front?

Drew displaying the dance moves he cultivated from many years of Chapel Hill house parties & bootified tugging-on-a-root clubs.

The scene outside of the dance barn.
It's also worth noting that inside of the dance barn was a shuffleboard table, but it was covered up and not usable.  I almost
boycotted the wedding over this fact alone.

The cutting of the cake...obviously the cake in question is a strawberry shortcake.  It was shortcakealicious.

Just before this photo was snapped both Jamie and Rachelle were simultaneously doing the robot, but then got camera shy for
some reason.  For shame, ladies, for shame...

"It's getting hot in herre...".  And could I look any more mentally retarded?  I'll blame it on the rain, just like Milli Vanilli did.