Picnic in Dolores Park June 2003

Picnic + whiffle ball + one of those rare nice days in SF = good times for all!

Look! I had a full head of hair then!  Why have you forsaken me, my formerly friendly folicles?

Here's Todd and me and my double chin.

Melissa and Adriene and Amanda, former work friend types of Chelsea's. There's a few
pics of them in here.  Since I don't really know any of them very well, it's kinda hard to be

Anna and Melissa I think?  Shit, I'm terrible with names.

This is the first of two Dans.  He makes some bitching cookies.

This is the other Dan, and his lady Jessica, who Chelsea went to college with.  This guy
is a total west coast Jake Rash, which won't make sense to most of you.

This is Boston Paul.  I may be the only one who calls him that.  I can't really explain what's
going on here though, but I'm pretty sure you're supposed to have your clothes off when
trying that Kama Sutra shit.

Having a social event?  Sharon will always be there, she's dependable like that.

Whiffle ball time!  Kinda tough to pull off, as it was kinda windy, but fun nonetheless.  I would swear there
used to be a bunch more "Action shots" but I dunno what happened to them.  IT wa tow years ago, get off
my ass already.