SPCA Dog Walk - April 2012

The SPCA has a big fundraiser dog walk every year in downtown Raleigh.  This is our third time walking in it. 

Lots of people there.  Lots of dogs.  Lots of poop.

Random photos of the other mutts...

Based on this expression, I'm going to say he was waiting on a treat. 

The owner of this dog looked exactly like you would expect the owner of a dog like this to look.

The winner of "cutest dog of the walk" was this bassett puppy, and it wasn't even close.  He kept walking on his own ears, which might be
the single cutest thing I've ever seen. 

After the walk Burt was rewarded with his first ever dog ice cream.

He dove right into it, just like anything edible put in front of him.  Or anything non-edible for that matter.