Trip to Washington DC, Part Two - November 2011

On our second day in DC, we put on our museum pants and got frisky. 

Apparently the occupy folks are posted up in Pulaski, one of the most famous skate spots in the world. 

Our first museum was American History.  They have a lot of trains.  The entire
transportation display was my favorite part. 

Who knew Robert DeNiro used to model for merchant marine posters?

Great old apple crate label. 

From an exhibit about the death of commercial fishing.

So jealous of this County Squire wagon.  Want to have.

From the war there anything creepier than the WWI outfits?  There really should be many more films on that horrific war. 

An actual US military outfit from back in the day.

Old propaganda posters, still mesmerizing to look at. 

A stack of old TVs from the Vietnam War area.

The lunch counter from the sit-ins in Greensboro to protest segregation.  Way to put yourself on the map, North Carolina. 

And the greatest thing in the entire museum?  The Intimidator's racing helmet, of course. 

Or maybe this Rambo lunchbox.  Either will work for me. 

When in DC, you take photos of the landmarks. 

Hey, it's the Washington Monument through some trees!

Hey it's the
Washington Monument again, minus the trees!

Hey, it's still the
Washington Monument, this time taken with an iPhone and
run through some sort of filter!

We also spent some time in the Hirshhorn, which like all modern art museums had a lot of great art and a lot of confounding art.  This was
in some light installation.  I didn't get it at all, but it looked cool.

And this is what the light did to Chelsea. 


Outside in the sculpture garden. 

Not a sculpture. 

Around the mall... was the golden hour...