Trip to Washington DC, Part One - November 2011

We took a ride up I-95 to Washington DC over the Thanksgiving break.  Spent most of our time in museums, and I took some photos. 
Rarely are these exciting photos but I felt like documenting the trip, so what the hell. 

Our first (and only) stop on Thursday was the Air & Space annex out near the airport.  And it was probably the best part of the trip. 

It was an enormous hangar with a ton of planes of all kinds from all eras, from early death traps like this to fancy new jets.  I don't have any-
thing to say about a lot of these, but here they are nonetheless. 

An WWI era war plane, check out that cannon.

I love the way the tires set into the body on this one. 

One of the more interesting planes there - the Airphibian - part plane, part car, and supposedly terrible at both. 

One of the most iconic paint jobs in the place...

The Enola Gay is kind of a famous plane, having dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and all. 

The best (and most anticipated) craft in the museum for me - an SR-71 Blackbird.  Such a completely bad ass looking plane. 

Phone shot of the whole thing.

Lots of Vietnam-era choppers and planes.  I've watched so many war movies of that era they seem like old friends. 

They had a couple of different MiGs there.

Felix the Cat has a present for you.

The other big draw was the Space Shuttle Enterprise.  It's completely unreal how big this thing is. 

It was so big my fixed 50mm lens couldn't get a good photo of it.  Had to use the phone. 

Self-portrait in a space helmet. 

Old space computering machinery. 

Every time I look at this photo I get David Bowie's "Space Oddity" stuck in my head. 

And for a complete jump in subjects, we walked past the White House later that night.  No
airplanes or spaceships to be found anywhere.