Trip to Washington DC - June 2015

Another trip out of town to see Belle & Sebastian...didn't take a real camera, so these are all phone

Stuart and co. put on a cracking show at some giant club that usually holds those rave sorts.  Since
it was general admission, we managed to get fairly close.  

On the keys.  Such a good time, but the place was hot as balls.  Still worth it.  

The next day we touristed around DC - token subway shot.  

No shortage of fancy skinny houses in this town.  

Local color.  

We spent some time in the American Art Museum.

They had a giant floor-to-ceiling LL Cool J painting.

But the real reason we were at this museum was the Mingering Mike exhibit.  It was brilliant.  I could
explain his brand of folk art, or you could just read about it here.  I've posted a few of my favorites...

He even did a couple of 8 tracks!

We also popped into the Postal Museum for a bit, which was way more interesting than you would
expect.  My inner childhood stamp nerd was into it.  

While we were there, Chelsea tried her hand at long haul trucking.  It suits her.  

Took Highway 1 for a little while to avoid some freeway traffic, only to get stuck in more traffic.  
This was somewhere in rural Virginia...

...and outside of Fredricksburg.