Caribbean Cruise, Part Five: St. Thomas - April 2015

Our last stop of the trip was sorta back where we started - the US Virgin Islands - this time St. Thomas.  

Picturesque ain't it?  I guess I see why it's a hot spot for vacations.  

Charlotte Amalie with an egret in the foreground and Fort Christian in the background.  

Fort Christian, still being renovated.  

Immediately got off the main drag where there are 4000 jewelry stores and walked a few back streets to take photos of buildings, doors
and windows, as I am prone to do.  

I hope the Deli Bank is both a deli and a bank at the same time.  Or maybe just a bank for delis.  

Love these giant doors everywhere.  

Town didn't hold our attention for long so we decided to take a taxi out to Magen's Bay for the rest of the day.  Good call on our part.  

Softest, whitest beach I've ever been to.  That water...

Preggo lime colored wife enjoyed herself.  

Thinking about buying one of these houses overlooking the scene.  I'm sure it won't cost much.  

This was a good last thing to do on this trip...quite the ender.  

Them phone snaps...

Panoramic of Magen's Bay.  

Charlotte Amalie from the hill above.  

Another view of the capital.  

My favorite phone photo of the trip.  Love the colors.  

Chicken Fry definitely looks like the sort of place to fry chickens.

Another shot of this building.  

Heading out on the boat back to San Juan, and flying back home...great trip!