Caribbean Cruise, Part Two: Saint Kitts - April 2015

On the second day we visited one half of the country Saint Kitts and Nevis.  Specifically, the Saint Kitts portion.  Our first foreign country
of the trip!

We docked up at Basseterre, the capital.  

The wife, her baby belly, and a tropical island.  

That's the island of Nevis hiding in the clouds back there, such a bashful little island.  

During our tour we briefly stopped at some old plantation ruins that now house a fancy garden full of tropical flowers.  

Plants growing on top of plants.  

The main building on the plantation, which now houses a fabric printing concern.  

Plantation cat.  

Bees swarming around the flowers of a palm tree.  

Mangoes, I think...I was shown a lot of damn fruit trees during this trip, it all starts to blend together.  

Brimstone Hill Fortress - a damn impressive fort built way up on a hill that is now a UNESCO world heritage site.  This is only a small
part of it.  

The view down island, towards Nevis (in the background).  

The view in the other direction - the closest island is Sint Eustatius, and the one behind it and to the left is Saba.  Both are part of the
Netherlands, and both seem quite interesting - Sint Eustatius especially, which had a small role in the American Revolution and has a
troubling & fascinating history with Judaism.  

The view behind the fort - would be tough to attack from that angle, as you have to climb over a dormant volcano.  

Grass, as featured on a location called Monkey Hill.  Didn't see any monkeys though.  

Cannons.  Lots of cannons.  

The plants will win eventually.  

A photo of Chelsea just before I completely melted my mouth eating the hottest jerk pork I've ever eaten in my life.  

The phone photos...

Right when we first landed it rained for a few minutes, and then greeted us with this rainbow over Basseterre.  

Part of being a former British territory - amazing old Land Rovers everywhere.  

Some houses around town and the countryside, taken from our tour van.  

Building blocks made of volcanic rock.  

Panoramic shot from on top of Brimstone.  

The view towards the southern tip of the island - the Atlantic Ocean on the left, the Caribbean Sea
on the right.  

Sailing away, off to the next location...