Caribbean Cruise, Part Four: Grenada - April 2015

Our fourth stop and third (and last) new country - Grenada.  All I knew of the place was the US invaded during Reagan's years to intervene
in a coup...turns out it's got a lot more going for it than that.  

The capital of St. Georges, very colorful.

Most of the island looks like this - like Dominica, it's mostly a rainforest.  

We visited a small waterfall that people could swim in; or in the case of the locals, dive off of a high cliff into.  

Weird pointy bird of paradise is weird.  

This gecko was hanging out on a tree and tolerated me taking photos of him for a few minutes before scurrying off.  Never once offered
me insurance.  

When we got up into the highlands of Grand Etang National Park, it was crazy bamboo forests everywhere.  I half expected one of those
gravity-defying kung-fu films to break out at any moment.  

View from the top.  

Maybe not the most exciting photo, but just know that this lake is actually inside of a now dormant volcano, which makes it seem cooler.    

National Park cat was not impressed by me.  We also saw monkeys up there, but they were too far away to get a photograph.  

View of the bay from the ship before leaving.  

Phone pics -

Another shot of St. Georges.  

A different part of the harbor.  

Old graffiti from after the US invasion.  I think we can all agree that the KGB should behave.  


Part of the national cricket stadium.  As is true with most of the islands in this area, cricket is huge.  

My friend during our brief visit to Grand Anse beach.  

Colorful roadside shack.  

The best shop, obviously.  

It's like a jungle sometimes...