Caribbean Cruise, Part Three: Dominica - April 2015

Our third stop and second country, Dominica (pronounced Dom-i-NEEK-a, according to the locals).

Like on the last stop, we took a tour around the country.  Pictured below is the capital and largest city Roseau and their giant cricket stadium.

Token posed wife photo.  

Part of the old fort on the hilltop the last two photos were taken from...renovating old forts doesn't seem to be quite the big deal here that it
is on other islands, at least in the case of this fort.  

Probably the most common/famous photo from Dominica - during a previous hurricane a tree fell and crushed this (empty) bus, and then
the tree just kept on growing.  I kinda had the wrong lens to properly capture this.

It's located in a local botanical / city park, along with the following few photos and some non-pictured parrots.  

Hummingbirds loved this tree, drawn to the poofball flowers...this is as good as I could get though.  

Another hummer.  

Went to see these waterfalls from afar in could take tours to get closer, but it wasn't part of the one we were on.  

Cool Breeze Cafe.  I need to start referring to people as "cool breeze" more often, it's a great nickname.  

Chickens aren't exactly exciting, but baby chicks always are.  

Slightly blurry brown lizard spotted next to the Cool Breeze Cafe...looks like a type of gecko based on the head.  

Rainforest shit.  

Crazy lush.  

We saw a ton more shit but I did a terrible job taking photos this day.  

Phone snaps...

From the boat.

Roseau the morning we arrived.  It rained off and on all day...since it's a rainforest, not surprising.  

A local undeterred by the rain.  

The post office at Mero Beach.  

Roadside workers.  

There were crazy interesting buildings everywhere - lots of French colonial influence.  

Local store.  


I take photos of people waiting on the side of the's an addiction.