Cross-Country Trip, Days Twelve, Thirteen & Fourteen: From Sulphur, LA to Marion, NC

The final legs of this harrowing adventure...

Drove through some small towns in Louisiana, and I prove this by showing a sign where crawfish are for sale.  QED.

This is what most of the drive looked like. 

The rest of the drive looked like this.  They spinnin' yo, they spinnin'!

I'd like to pretend the name of that barge is "Queen", and since it is floating down the Mississippi, it gives me an excuse
to start singing a little Mountain out loud around the house...

We saw a few old plantations, but were too cheap to pay the exhorbitant prices they were charging to go in and actually
look at them. 

One of the state's historic 20 M.P.H. signs.

This scene was more interesting in person than in this photo - the angle doesn't do it justice, but this was one of the
tiniest churches I've ever seen.

Lots of saggy trees in Louisiana.

We eventually made it to New Orleans and spent the day tooling around there. 

This just in: New Orleans is full of a lot of old buildings.  Also, drunk frat boy types (not pictured).

At Cafe du Monde, waiting on beignets.  So so so tasty.

Preservation Hall, where Preservation Hall Jazz Band plays.  I've always wanted to see them on their home turf, but of
course we would have to be there the only night of the week they are closed. 

New Orleans house cat.  They are part gator, you know.

One of the many trinket-ish voodoo shops.  Please note that Pee Wee Herman is a part of their window display. 

Taking a photo of a hotdog cart was done so solely because I've read "Confederacy of Dunces" so many times. 

Yet another restaurant trying to keep me and my right to "bare" arms down...

We rode around town a bit on the street cars.  It felt like being in San Francisco riding the F Market, only with less bums.

Even though the pic is blurry, it seemed necessary to document this fantabulous vehicle.  Driving around in this would
have to make your life feel like you're living in a cartoon.

New Orleans is a pretty awesome place.  Hopefully I can make it back to spend more time there. 

Our final stop before the end of the trip - the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama. 

We had been eagerly awaiting this enormous salvage store, as you can see on Chelsea's face. 

The outcome...not so much.  The photo says it all.  Not a bad selection, but way WAY too overpriced.  I actually found
more awesome goods down the street at the Salvation Army.

And that is that!