Cross-Country Trip, Days Five, Six & Seven: From Blanding, UT to Deming, NM

After many days in the amazing state of Utah, we finally make our way into the rest of the country...

We made a brief stop at Goosenecks State Park just before leaving Utah.  I didn't see any geese, just a crazy winding

This is me looking at the river. 

Getting ready to enter Arizona and Monument Valley...

...But not before driving through the buzzing metropolis of Mexican Hat!  The town is so named for this rock formation
outside of town that looks like...a Mexican hat, what the kids call a sombrero.

Monument Valley.  If you look closely, you'll see John Wayne driving a stagecoach out there. 

Saw this silo-like structure in the middle of nowhere in Navajo Country.  God knows what it was for, there wasn't another
house or barn or building or anything around it. 

A lot of the drive through Navajo Country looked a like this.   But eventually we made it to...
Grand Canyon National Park

Just completely unbelievable, the size of the damn thing.  It is almost silly to even bother taking photos, but you do it
anyways.  Though like Yosemite and many other places, no picture can really capture the power of seeing this place
with your own eyes. 

I'm not sure what we were looking for, but we looked anyways. 

The observation tower, which is now a monument in and of itself. 

The crows there were goddamn enormous.  Grand Canyon-sized, you might say.

To be completely honest, I might have been just as excited seeing this coyote so close up in the wild as I was seeing
the canyon itself. 

We passed him while driving out to one of the overlooks; probably because he's been fed by dumb tourists, and/or
maybe because he realizes no harm will come to him in the park, he wasn't the least bit bothered by us being so close
to him.

The view from the overlook we were making our way towards.

And then we we came back he came walking right towards us!  He was probably no more than 5-7 feet from the car
when these photos were taken.

Ooh look, we took an artsy photo.

It was friggin' cold.  Try to spot the day-tourists from Vegas unprepared for the temperatures.  

The next day we drove through Sedona on our way to Phoenix, and this was the only photo I managed to take. 

We went to Phoenix to see a couple of Oakland A's Spring Training games.  Our seats were amazing - just a couple
of rows behind the A's dugout.  Close enough to count the stitches on Mark Ellis' glove as he warmed up. 

Warning: the rest of the photos that follow in this particular entry are all mediocre baseball photos, so continue at risk
of your own boredom. 

There was a pretty rad view from the ballpark.  Certainly cooler than anything you might see from Oakland Coliseum.

According to Chelsea, Bob Geren looks like a comptroller.  Of course, she thinks tons of people look like comptrollers. 
I'm not sure she has ever seen an actual comptroller. 

Lenny DiNardo on the mound...he pitched well this day.

Travis Buck getting ready to bat.

Bobby Crosby's good to see him healthy again.  Let's see how long it lasts. 

Mark Ellis coming in for a score, which the A's did a whole bunch of the first game we watched. 

Huston Street pitched an inning of should come as no surprise that he gave up a home run nearly right away. 

Take me out to the ballgame, indeed. 

The drive out of Arizona and into New Mexico at dusk...a new adventure awaits tomorrow.