Cross-Country Trip, Days Eight, Nine, Ten & Eleven: From Deming, NM to Sulphur, LA

Drove across New Mexico.  Didn't see no UFOs.

White Sands National Monument

You're driving through miles and miles and miles of mountainous desert, and then boom...white sand dunes as far as
the eye can see. 

It was so congested, we saw maybe four cars the entire time we were there. 

The unibomber look is going to be big this year, I swear. 

If you didn't know better, you'd think you were amongst piles of snow and not sand.  The sand shifts around so much
they have to plow the roads constantly.

Crappy panorama.

I have no idea why Chelsea is posing like that.  She thinks she is tough or something.

One of my favorite photos of the looks like a picnic area on the moon.

America, fuck yeah!

The town of Alamo Gordo was packed full of awesome old signs/motels/what-have-you.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Hands down the craziest thing we saw the entire deep, so enormous, so many interesting features, so in the
middle of nowhere.  Words can't express how amazing this was - it was so perfect it was tough to believe the cavern
was natural and not some man-made attraction.  See more details here

There was no end to the amazing stalagmites and stalagtites and other formations.  This one is all shiny because it
is still growing.  Or so the brochure said, I ain't no expert on cave growths.

Cavern titty!!!

This was called the lion's tail or something like that, since it looks like...well, a lion's tail.  This ain't rocket science folks.

Ladies and gentlemen, the town of Orla, Texas. 

Between the photo before and this one, that was pretty much it.  Boring to most folks probably, but fascinating to me.

After a lengthy drive through the no-man's-land of West Texas, we made it to Austin to hang out with our homeslices
Ray and Rachel.  Lots of skateboarding, eating tex mex, and very little photo taking.

The view of S. Congress from Ray's balcony, just days before SXSW kicked in.

Let's be honest - this is a posed shot.  I didn't eat that cactus.

This photo may not be very exciting to most folks, but I don't think I've ever seen a stuffed turkey before.  Or at least this
kind of stuffed turkey, I've seen the thanksgiving kind of stuffed turkey before, which looks different.