Christmas in North Carolina 2002

I was up much too early to open presents.

This is an example of one of those presents.  
You should be able to hold all of your presents between your teeth.

Lauren + Jake + Ray + others came for a visit, and brought dogs.

This is Milo, he is a total asshole.  
Apparently he is mellower now, but I'm not buying it.

This is my dog max, before the others showed up.
Totally not an asshole.

Here we have Ladu entering the picture.  He is also not an asshole.

But Ladu does like to hump things, since he still has his balls.  
I'm pretty sure that's why Ray is holding him like this, to stop his humping.
Max feels the need to "check things out" as it were.

Portrait of us boys and our dogs.  
Jake Rash and that damn Milo were not invited to join in.