Christmas & Random Pictures - December 2008

I think the title says it all...

Went and saw the Flute Flies at the Local 506, a side-project of a bunch of local bands...Schooner, the Rosebuds, et al. 

Ivan Rosebud on occasional vocal duties that night.

The next day Brian, Ivan and myself drove to Greensboro to meet up with college pal Darren, who was in town from San Diego
for his company's christmas party.

He brought along his lovely wife Alycia, who helps keep his wild-ass in check. 

Ivan was really excited about the wide range of picture frames and homemade jewelry for sale next to him. 

Brian says "it's beer-thirty!"

Look for this as the next Rosebuds album cover. 

This is me taking a photo of Darren taking a photo of him and his lady.

And this is me taking a photo of Brian taking a photo of darren taking a photo of him and his lady.  And now I'm dizzy. 

There was some christmas party set up in the San Diegans' hotel that looked like a crappy prom.  We took the opportunity for
a photo op. 

Here Ivan is practicing his autograph signing technique for the throngs of hungry fans sure to mob him on his next tour. 

During our last couple of months at the apartment, there was a family of feral cats that would hang out on our porch and they were
so cute we always ended up giving them some food.  I'll really miss "Milkface" the most, the one with his butt to the camera. 

Like any christmas break, it required special facial hair.  Tis the reason for the season!

Bryan was in the spirit...forgot his santa beard though.

Max was clearly in the spirit too, the spirit to be held like a baby!

This photo makes me laugh every time I look at it.  The look on his face his priceless.

Lately any trip to Mamaws means you have to stop and gawk at the donkeys.  and this time they walked right up to the fence!

Burt's most common pose any time we are in the mountains, always wanting to go outside and play. 

Please take note of ford explorer on the left..."Bangin" indeed.

Before we headed back to the Triangle we got a crew together to eat at the best Mexican restaurant this side of California,
Jalapeno Grill (aka Ernersto's).  Greg and Lauren...

...Puffy Rash and Nathan making a scene of himself...

...Bryan, Mom and Chelsea filling her maw with chips-n-salsa.  Chelsea will surely complain to me about posting this picture of
her, but thems the breaks.

She won't complain about this one though, her patented "motorcycle tiger" pose. 

Greg looking skepticly at Nathan, who no doubt just said something preposterous.  It's his go-to move.  Actually, it is both of their
go-to moves. 

Nathan's other go-to move.  He is well practiced at it.