Chelsea's Family Visits North Carolina - April 2009

Chelsea's mom (Cathy) and broham (Skyler) flew out for a long weekend visit.  These photos are a mix of ones I took and some
that Skyler took.

Family portrait. 

Skyler spent a lot of his time here posing with the animals.  Mouse looks thrilled as always.

when he wasn't posing with them, he was just taking photos of them.  If I would have left in all the photos of Burt this post would
have been three times longer. 

We got some free tickets to a Hurricanes game from our realtor...Skyler and I made a night of it. 

The seats were awesome.  Not pictured was the complimentary buffet that we gorged ourselves on.  Including a dessert bar!

ZAMBONI!!!  Like pretty much everyone on the planet, my lifelong dream is to ride one of these. 

We got complimentary hats.  Free tickets, free buffet, free hats - why can't all sporting events be like this?

Fight fight fight!  Sadly, it was short lived. 

What Moe's lacks in quality Mexican food they make up for by having a blimp flying arounf the arena.

The next day we drove down to the eastern part of the state to meet up with my mom and Bryan, who were down there buying a

Due to boarding complications, Burt came with us.  It made things a bit more complicated, but he was happy.

Bryan questioning our sanity on bringing the crazy dog. 

And here we have a prize Burt left Chelsea from the ride down. 

Local flavor.  Color me jealous. 

First family meet up since the wedding.  Fortunately, there were no bouts of fisticuffs. 

You're asking yourself, why is Chelsea flexing?  I have no idea.

Here we have the boat mom and Bryan drove down to purchase. 

No, wait, this is it. 

Actually, I forgot to take a photo of their boat.  But I did get a photo of Max riding the boat.

This photo almost didn't make the cut until I noticed the face Chelsea was making...

Double dog dipping.

They might look vicious, but their snarfing was all in good fun.  Though they were driving Cap'n Bryan crazy by getting under his feet. 

We tooled around the town of Bath a bit (where the boat ride occured) - it being the oldest town in North Carolina, there are some
old-ass buildings.  This church was built in the early 1700s. 

And this joint was built in the mid-1700s, but was noteworthy to me because how often do you see windows inside of chimneys?

Downtown Washington North Carolina - where things happen!  And by things, I mean nothing.  Not a goddamn thing.

City hall of New Bern, NC; a cool looking building, sure, but most noteworthy because of...

...the evil looking half bears trying to crawl their way out of the brick work!

Family Portrait in front of the place where Pepsi was invented.  Burt is quite curious about that fact.

Spanish moss, my favorite of all the ethnic mosses.

The Junget children and their different approaches to posing with a wooden bear. 

Skyler was delighted with the name of this local road, which, I gotta admit, is pretty damn funny.

We went to Old Time Barbeque so that the Californians could sample some legit NC-style bbq.  And even more importantly,

Skyler had never had them before, but he took to them like bird poop to a car hood. 

At some point we went bowling.  I'm pretty sure I won, and even if I didn't I'm going to lie and say I did.

I might look happy here, but I'm crying inside because I miss old school manual scoring.

To be perfectly honest, the chance to play pop-a-shot is my favorite reason for going bowling. 

I spent the majority of their stay beating the pants off of Skyler in pool.

On the final night, he finally hung a loss on me.  Congrats to Skyler for taking his record to 1 - 438.

Come back Skyler, Burt misses being held!