Cereal Factory BBQ & Show May 2007 

It's that time of the year again...afternoon rock shows at JJ's house!

The Rock-N-Roll Adventure Kids!  They played first, and were damn enjoyable. 

I was kinda jealous of the bass playering dude's hat. 

During their set, JJ and Jolene engaged in a staring contest.  Obviously Jolene won, look at the determination
in her face!  The poor sap never stood a chance. 

Socializing between bands...of course Heather Choy would be there!  It's not a Cereal Factory show without
her there. 

Carlos as well, another usual suspect.  I'm still sad his band the Mothballs broke up. 

Missy was also there, as usual.  Of course, she wanted to know if the pool at my apartment complex was warm
enough to swim in yet cause as most folks know, she is part hallibut. 

This was the tiny kitten on the porch next door.  He was not invited! 

Some of the many decorations on the walls of the Cereal Factory.

The Coconut Coolouts!  Talk of how awesome this band was to see live is a big reason why I left the hibernation
of my home and trekked over West Oakland in the first place. 

And I would be lying if I didn't fully admit that part of the reason for my excitement was that one of the band
members performs in a banana suit.  It's absolutely impossible for a band not to be awesome when fruit
outfits are involved. 

There were six members total, including two drumming singers who stood and played 3 piece kits (remember
the band Blast Off Country Style?  IT made me think of them for the first time in forever). 

And then, if things weren't already totally awesome, somebody turned on the SMOKE MACHINE!

That was all the motivation I needed to buy every single item they had for sell after the show.  If it wasn't for
seeing Morrissey earlier I would probably proclaim this the best show of the year.  So second best will have
to do.

Check out the bands:

The Rock
-N-Roll Adventure Kids
The Coconut Coolouts