Cereal Factory BBQ & Show - July 2007

Yet again, JJ puts on an awesome show in the basement of his house.  These are pretty much my favorite shows of the
year everytime. 

The man himself.  Fact: JJ likes to drink a beer occasionally.

The Rantouls played first - I'd never heard of them before, but they fuckin' ripped.   Apparently they are from San Jose?
Outside of a couple of skate-rock bands I didn't even know there were bands from San Jose.  Color me surprised.

SEriously, go see them sometime if you get a chance and like good time 60's inspired rock-n-roll.

Ajax was there!  He offered me a moustache ride but I was all "no thanks bro, I brought my own."

Also in tow was his child prodigy Rosie, getting her young ears full of good tunes and eyes full of strangely dressed
art school students.

She really had a boner for that suntan lotion bottle, and I mean boner in the "Growing Pains" way, of course.

As per usual, Missy made an appearance.  It's just not a backyard East Bay show without her. 

My show going partner for the day: Seniorita Lorimar.  We went to the A's game before the show, so it was a
doublemint gum two-times-the-fun type of day. 

Cat Glasses McGee enjoying a tall boy of Bud, the Champale of Beers.

I wore my party glasses.  Because it was a party.  That's the best time to wear your party glasses.  Otherwise you just
look foolish. 

This was the main reason I rolled over to West Oakland  - No Bunny.  Last time I saw him it was as a full band, and it
was called No Bunny & His Fabulous Flys. 

But now I guess he runs shit as a solo performer...it's really more of a kareoke performance than any sort of "band",
just him and a tape deck...But it was easily the most entertaining kareoke I've ever witnessed.  He had a guitar as well,
but it only got played for maybe two or three minutes total. 

Carlos celebrates this glorious performance by dropping the hammer.

A flashless version of some quality freaking out.

The Cereal Factory produces a winner of a show yet again.