Volunteering at the Carolina Tiger Rescue - June 2013

Through work spent some time volunteering at the Carolina Tiger Rescue outside of Pittsboro...we spent a couple of hours helping clear
out some (thankfully empty) tiger enclosures, and then they showed us around the rescue and we got to check out all the kitties. 

This is a Jellybean.  He was by far the most playful and engaging of all the cats.  He is also the only one who's name I remember, probably
because he is the only white tiger. 

It was serious nap time with these cool cats. 

As the name implies, they have a lot of tigers.  Such bad ass creatures.

a female cougar keeps an eye on us through the foliage. She was a lot smaller than the two males we saw. 

An ocelot and it's amazing coat. 

This lion was gigantic.  No, I mean GIGANTIC.  The guide got him to stand up on his hind legs against the fence and he was probably
10 feet tall, no joke.

A serval suns himself.  they had quite a few of these guys.  They were like giant housecats with big ears, except they could also probably
kill you. 

The grounds of the Carolina Tiger Rescue. 

The guide said their unoffical motto is the place where old trucks go to die. 

I also took some snaps with my phone...

More Jellybean.  The ball had something on it he liked, he played with it for quite a while. 

Tiger leftovers. 

The guide teasing the giant lion into standing up. 

Not featured in the other photos, but one of the coolest creatures at the place - a binturong
aka a bearcat!  So strange and ugly and cute all at the same time.