A Long Weekend at Carolina Beach - July 2013

The title pretty much says it all - we went to the beach.

The house.

It was marina front instead of beach front, but the beach was just a block away. 

These fools spent nearly every waking moment sitting on the pier fishing.  They didn't catch much and didn't seem to care. 

Beach pastels. 

The amusement park off the boardwalk.

Tons of great old signs still in CB, it's been a destination for a long time but luckily hasn't been
updated much. 

Pontiac Lemans.  My guess is 1973.  Rad lesser known muscle car. 


It was my birthday a week earlier so we had a tardy celebration.  It's totally cool to be nearly
40 but have Spongebob cupcakes right?

Sighted at Wings - Ozzy seat covers.  But really, if someone asked where at the beach you
saw these wouldn't the first guess be Wings?

I made friends with the ducks that lived near the house.  They got a lot of crackers out of me by being cute. 

Obligatory seagull shot. 

Obligatory pelican shot. 

Bryan and Harriett, I think the clock just hit "beer thirty."

Weeks came down for dinner one night and brought the boys. 

Booker T, best kids name ever. 

They were hiding from the camera, unsuccessfully.

Beach flower business.

On my way back to the Triangle, Arbys traded god a roast beef sandwich for a nice sunset.