Caribbean Cruise, Part Two: Phone Pictures - November 2018

A mish-mash of random snaps from across the entire trip.  Some of these might be sorta repeats from the camera shots, deal with it.  

The airport was a ghost town.  Lo was quite excited, she loves to fly.  

El barco gigante.  

These two were ready to go.  

Token flag shot, a must for every cruise.  

Oh yeah, there was an ice rink on the ship - that's totally normal, right?

Toonces came along for the ride, he really enjoyed the view from our room.  Our first cruise not in an interior room!  It really did make a difference.  

Our room steward was a master towel sculptor.  

Lo went so hard she fell asleep on our chest multiple times, something she hasn't done in ages.  

At sea.  

Took a brief side trip to Italy, no big deal.  

Matching sparkle shoes & the greatest slot machine of all time, available on every cruise ship that floats apparently.  

Grand Cayman.  

We rode on a sea tender called the Baroness, very metal.  

I can't stop taking photos of the water.  

Possibly dead boat parked next to the one we took to Stingray City.  

Stingray City parking lot.

Our guides pulled a sea star out of the ocean...Lo had no idea what was going on.  


Wife got eaten by an aliator, could use a new wife now - please email me your marriage resumes.  

Sun parakeets eating out of my pale ass hands!


We thought our ship was big, and then a much bigger one parked next to us.  Ship off!

Cozumel water at the beach club we lounged at most of the day.  

More napping & sea contrails.

No big deal just a nice sunrise back in Fort Lauderdale as we wait to get off the ship...

...with a submarine casually floating by.  That's definitely normal.