Caribbean Cruise, Part Two: Cozumel - March 2014

Our first stop was the island of Cozumel in Mexico.

And our main task at hand: four wheeling!  It was a delightful good time, though the time we rode in Cabo back in 2007 is still the best.  

This was the first time we each had our own machines.  Chelsea is an old hand at this now.  

Trees and shit.  

A small little might look like a puddle but it's apparently deep as shit and hits an underground river that flows to the ocean.

True story: this is the "purple stuff" they used to talk about in Sunny D commercials.  

According to our guide these caves were used by the Maya as a safe house during hurricanes.  

Inside the cave.

The other side.  Apparently all the exposed groud is actually because the roof of the cave collapsed, it used to be one continuous, much
larger structure.  

The rest are from the phone...

The beach club where we snorkeled and hung out after four-wheelin'.

Cute dogs kicking back.  The one on the left was friendly, the one on the right wanted no part of me petting him.

Tree balls.

View of Cozumel from the boat as we were leaving.  

Chelsea relaxing at the beach club.  

Selfies are stupid.