Caribbean Cruise, Part Three: Key West - March 2014

Our second stop on the ship was Key West.

Our view while the ship was docking...private island life.  Must be nice.  

This was as good of a view I worked to get of the lighthouse.  

Rad old sign.  

After waiting in a long line we went in to see the Hemingway house.  It was much more interesting than I expected it to be.

Bathroom tile detail in the house.  

The pool.  I wasn't allowed to go in.  Fascists.  

Let's get to the main reason I went to the house - the polydactyl cats!  They were EVERYWHERE.  

That's a lot of toes.  

Sleeping in the house on Hemingway's bed.  They had free reign to go anywhere they wanted.  


This one has a normal number of toes.  

Lots of cool plants on the grounds... let's call this one a pipecleaner flower.  

A twirling red devil.  

The devil's butthole.  

Where q-tips come from.  

A green heron.  This guy gave not one shit I was standing next to him.

The end of Florida.  The end of the continental US.  

Dig that blue water.  

The rest are from the phone...

The Key West Aquarium - great entrance, mediocre exhibits.  It's a pretty old joint so I didn't fully
hold that against them.  

The birds of Key West - a red shouldered hawk from the aquarium and one of the thousands of chickens roaming the island.  

Lots of rad old buildings (art deco and otherwise) all over.  

I've got wood.  

Even Key West likes to floss.  

I think the giant cement butt plug more than handles the caption here.  

Pelicans and tarpon, 2 of the 4 food groups.  

The view of Key West on the departure...

Sailboat ho!