Caribbean Cruise, Part One: Camera Pictures - November 2018

We went on a cruise to Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, and Cozumel via Royal Caribbean...our first with the kid.  We weren't sure it was going to work, but it
turned out great.  If you have a kid over three and they're potty trained, I highly recommend that line - Lola wanted to stay in the kid's club all the time, and
Chelsea and I found ourselves lost and bewildered with how much kid-free time fell in our laps.  

The ship - Adventure of the Seas.  Not even close to the biggest boat out there, but definitely the biggest we've ever been on.  

Day one: at sea.  It looked like this.  You could see Cuba from one side for a little while.  We sat by the pool a lot.  

Day two: Grand Cayman.  View from the top of the ship before the sun had even risen, as we were up way too damn early for our only scheduled excursion
of the cruise.  

Vacation with a toddler means you get asked "what's that" about 50,000 times a day.  

Holy shit look at that goddamn water, part one.  

Holy shit look at that goddamn water, part two (this was probably 4-5 feet deep if not more, you could see forever).  

Despite appearances, she was greatly enjoying herself - she just gets difficult in front of the camera quite often.  

The destination of our excursion - stingray city, a sandbar a few miles at sea off the shore of Grand Cayman.  You'll be shocked to learn it was full of stingrays!

There were a lot of them, and they were completely non-plussed about our presence.  

Girls just wanna have fun.

Spent some time at the beach before getting back on the boat...if people ever catch on to how amazing the water is here this place is liable to become a vaca-
tion destination.  

Day three: Costa Maya, Mexico.  The coast of the Yucatan peninsula en route to the dock.  

As an outpost to set off on jungle adventures Costa Maya probably isn't a bad stop, but the port itself is basically just one big open air gift shop.  

However, there was a rad rooftop aviary that was totally worth getting off the boat for.  Each roof was connected by a swinging bridge, and each had a different
habitat full of tropical birds.  

Unfortunately, I didn't get the names of most of them - we'll just call this one fancy chicken.  

These can be called log-hider finches.  

I actually know the name on this one - a flaming conure aka yellow-headed parakeet.  I always thought parakeets were song-bird sized, but these kids were
nearly parrot sized.  

Happy duck!

Shit, maybe this is the flaming conure...they look a lot alike.  

The one on the left is a lorikeet of some sort I think; on the right, let's go with algae chomper.  

Sun parakeets!  A couple of them landed on my hand and that was kinda awesome.  Scratchy ass claws though.  

Everybody knows the macaw.  Incredibly handsome birds.  Big fans of the sunflower seed.

After this I kinda stopped taking photos with the four was in Cozumel but we just lounged on the beach; day five as another sea day as we sailed
back to Fort Lauderdale. Finally on day six, it was off the boat and on the plane back home.