Caribbean Cruise, Part One: The Ship - March 2014

We took a cruise.  The wife had done it a couple of times but this was my first.  Not sure I would like it, but it was pretty fun.  This first batch
of photos are all of or from the ship, and taken with various cameras (Nikon 600, iPhone 5s, Lumix point-and-shoot).  

Our ship, the Celebrity Constellation.  I got corrected by an officer for calling it a boat.  

Ship had a lot of balls.

My travelling companion.

The ocean is big out there.  

Had one of those crazy Chihuly glass sculptures on the ship.  Surprisingly, quite a bit of interesting art on ship actually.

Sunset from the back of the boat.  

The rest are from the phone...

Nautical flags.  

Chelsea was enjoying herself like they were filming a commercial.  

Ocean "contrails".  

Got passed by another ship while floating through the Gulf of Mexico...guess they were late for a meeting.  

The ocean in a rainstorm.  

We sailed fairly close to Cuba.  I hope this isn't the closest I get to going there.  

Another sunset after a storm.

Dig that blue.  

Someone enjoying a little lounge chair time.  

Lost upwards of twenty dollars on these two damn machines!  I expected Petty and cartoon cats to treat me better.  

This was pretty much the extent of the "bro" action on the ship, a small pack of them jackassing around in a sea
of grey hair and wrinkles.  

Even at sea, gotta get my shots up.