Caribbean Cruise, Part Four: Ft Lauderdale - March 2014

Our cruise got back into town at the crack of dawn, and we had a whole day to waste in Ft Lauderdale.  So we did!

We spent most a chunk of our time (and most of my picture taking) at the Antique Car Museum.

Though it should have just been called the Packard museum, because every car was a Packard.  And it was awesome.  

They had a lot of them - many different models, different years, spread out over multiple rooms.  

They had a lot of vehicles that only exist here or are one of only a handful.  They made very few delivery trucks like this.    

This one got the award for fanciest interior... seen here.  LACE EVERYWHERE.  

In addition to the cars there were parts and pieces galore.  It seems like they just buy any and everything Packard related that ever pops up.

Toy Packards.  I can't imagine letting a kid play with one of these.

This was one of the nicest in the collection, and we even got to see them start it up and drive it outside.  Notice on the spare tire they've
belted a rear view mirror to it.  It's the details...

This is apparently the only Packard hearse ever built, and was only used once - the coffin didn't fully fit in the compartment apparently.      

Another rare Packard service vehicle - a firetruck.  I believe the guy who ran the museum said this firetruck was used at the Packard plant.  

Finally, a Packard tow truck.  The guy said only a few of these were made, and they were mostly owned by dealerships and used when
servicing Packards...because you want to be towed back to the shop in style.    

Another of my favorites...dig those great shades of green.

The prize of the entire collection in my book - a 1908 Gentleman's Runabout - only 11 exist.  

Look at that monacle windsheild!  Fuck the passengers, let them eat bugs.  

Before the end of the line they managed to knock out a few sporty models in the fifties...

And then Chelsea arrested me and threw me in the Paddy Wagon.  

The rest are from the phone...

View of Ft Lauderdale from the cruise ship port.  

Went out ot the beach for a little bit of people watching before our flight home.  

Dinner companion.

There is an elaborate canal system all around town.  

Spotted at a red light - a Lincoln Continental with suicide doors.  WANT WANT WANT.

An lastly, one final shot of the car museum that I forgot to take with my camera - a Packard Woody from 1948, only 20 known to exist.  It was
immaculate and amazing inside and out, I can't think of any car I'd rather have than this one.