Trip to Cambodia, Part Three: Chong Kneas & Sihanoukville

Another really cool thing we did while in Siem Reap was take a day trip down to the floating village of Chong Kneas.
In some ways it was even more impressive than Angkor Wat, because while I've seen ancient temples before I'd
never seen anything like this. 

It was a little bit of drive out into the countryside to reach our destination.  The next few snaps are just some of the
sights we came across out there. 

We saw a lot of water buffalo in our various trips through the countryside, but this is the best photo I got of them.

Please take note of the kid on the left - kicking it porky pig-style (shirt with no pants) running around with a stick
between his/her legs.  It was hilarious.

The species "gas station dog", a rare breed not to be confused with "street dog" or "beach dog". 

There were a lot of ramshackle houses that looked just like this on the way to Chong Kneas...really puts any gripes
I've ever had with my own living space in perspective. 

We finally got out on the Tonle Sap lake in a rented boat and cruised around checking out the floating homes.  
Everything happens on the water for these people - shopping, school, church, everything.

My favorite photo of the whole trip, taken by Chelsea of course.

Floating door-to-door market.  I wonder if they have orange Fanta...

Floating I think.  A lot of Vietnamese immigrants live in the floating village and there are a fair number
of catholic folks in & from that country.

Tub boat!  I think this kid was trolling around looking for tourists to give him money to take his photo, but I managed
to come out of the transaction none the poorer.

Even in a floating village, there is still time for gossip!

Here I am doing my damnedest to rep Oakland, and Chelsea ain't helping for shit. 

Our driver and guide...nice fellas (And I got a bit of a ladykiller vibe from them as well).

An overview of the most town-like part of the floating village.  Restaurants, shops, bars...apparently there were even
places you could play pool out there...can you imagine playing pool on a house boat that is bobbing up and down?

Look closely - that is a pig in that cage on it's own little floating mini-barge.  We saw a few of these.

We took a pit stop at one of the floating restaurants, and they of course had an aligator pit.  Who doesn't?

And also a boat dog.  And a boat cat (not pictured), which at one point we saw the boat dog chasing.  Boat hijinks!

There was also a boat turtle in an aquarium, caught on that very lake (I have it on good authority that neither the boat
dog or the boat cat were caught in the lake, but were rather shipped in).

This is the floating village version of a tout.  Some even come with small kids and when they pull up beside you the
kids hope on the boat like a pirate.