California Christmas, Part Two:  Los Angeles - December 2010

We went to LA.  You can tell cause, you know, palm trees.  That and knowing I refuse to set foot in Florida, cause it's full of crazies. 

A picture of Chelsea from her middle school years, when she went by the name Richard Katz and was running for senate.

A photo of Skyler's baby photo.  Wasn't he just a dandy!

Grandparent knick knacks.

We drove to Pasadena and saw Doc Brown's house from "Back to the Future"!  We didn't get to go inside, so I'm not sure if the
automatic dog food feeder is still opening cans and plopping the food into the bowl. 

We visited Chelsea's good friend Shannon who just had one of them babies that seem to be all the rage. 

They also had a crazy pair of cats - I think this one was named Timothy, and he zipped around constantly like he had a burr up
his butt. 

After reading about this place somewhere online, we decided to take a ride to downtown LA and enjoy the legendary Clifton's

And this is why we had to go - look at the interior of this place!  It was like stepping into a forest camp.

It even had a little mini-grotto.

And of course a moose.  Can't have a lodge-themed cafeteria without a moose. 

Downtown LA is kind of a trip - there are no new skyscrapers, it feels like being on the set of a 1950s noir film.  Only with new
cars and more homeless. 

This was the best shot I got of the Eastern Columbia Building, which is easily the greatest art deco building I've ever seen.  The
entire thing is covered in blue tile, and the architectural details are stunning.  Read more about the building here

We took a trip to another legendary LA spot - the Griffith Observatory, as seen in "Rebel Without a Cause" and documentaries
about James Dean filming "Rebel Without a Cause". 

The view of LA from the observatory.  We were quite literally observing LA.  Magical.

Chelsea with the famous Hollywood sign in the background.  They make it out to be a lot bigger in the movies.

Lots of great deco details at this place. 

As with all trips, a self-portrait is required. 

Guess which direction to the telescope. 

And here it is.  It was closed off though so boobs like myself couldn't screw with it. 

We walked a little closer to the Hollywood was still tiny. 

One thing we always do when we go to LA is stuff ourselves at the original Bob's Big Boy in Burbank.  That's a lot of B's. 

And then we followed up our Bob's meal with desert at the legendary Apple Pan.

Their menu don't fuck around - simple and to the point. 

apple pie ala mode for two.  It was a little pricy, but good lord was it tasty.