Christmas in California, Part One: Malibu & Palm Springs - December 2013

Went to LA to visit Chelsea's family and did a little touristing while there.  

Leo Carrillo State Park
Spent part of christmas day here, just north of Malibu.  Gorgeous weather, gorgeous scenery.  This location was chosen by me solely
because it was mentioned in "The Big Lebowski."  Donny was a good man...

Three generations.  

The old lady.  

Cabozan Dinosaurs
Just before you get to Palm Springs, mixed in amongst an outlet mall and a Native American casino, are the dinosaurs you know and love
from "Pee Wee's Big Adventure."  Now I just have to visit the basement of the Alamo.

Palm Springs
The famous Marilyn statue on the main drag.  Never made it out to this dessert oasis when
I lived in California, figured it was time to make up for that.  

The main street through town.  Palm Springs was smaller than I expected.  

Chelsea poses with a statue of Sonny Bono, former mayor and former sexual partner of Cher.  

The town is packed with great mid-century buildings.  This is the visitor's center, which I think was a former gas station.  

Pre-fab aluminum house.

Elvis & Priscilla's honeymoon hideaway.  

Paradise Cove
We went back to Malibu because why not.  This time to Paradise Cove, home of the most expensive trailer park I've ever seen.  

The gulls were farming in the seaweed.  


Sand detail.  

Low tide sightings.  

Sea anemone.

Another gull doing work.  

Eighty degrees and sunny at christmas, it's easy to see what people find appealing about LA.