California Christmas, Part One:  San Francisco - December 2010

We went to Cali to visit Chelsea's family - first to SF, then later to LA.

Token "waiting to get on the plane" shots.  Chelsea is doing her best 1960s stewardess impression, and I'm rocking what can
only be called a "bad ass fu manchu".  Cause that's how I do christmas. 

We spent our first night with Chelsea's brother, Skyler, in his hobbit hole illegal inlaw apartment.  Here he shows off his
latest hat from the Maya Angelou collection. 

We had our christmas dinner at Buca Di Beppo.  They have old school porn on their bathroom walls. 

The Junget twins*, pre stuffing themselves with tasty Italian food. 
* if twins are born six years apart. 

After all that, we spent the rest of our time in the city proper.  This is our old hood Noe Valley. 

We had breakfast with my old friend Drew, his wife Thao and their new baby Sophie. 

The Paynter family, and proud we are of all of them. 

Some people have church - I have Happy Donuts.  This was less than half a block from my house at one point, which was both
awesome and terrible obviously. 

The old apartment - it looked exactly the same.  I'm sure the drunk landlord, if he is still kicking, hasn't lifted a finger since we left. 

A shot up the "gourmet ghetto" - you can see Sutro Tower creepin' back there. 

Photo of Chelsea in front of the wall I helped Drew take photos of Rogue Wave when they first busted on the scene (see here). 

A walk down Mission street.  Even when I lived there I was constantly taking photos of the old theaters. 

Ye olde watering hole.  Many a game of shuffleboard played here. 

Most folks were out of town for the holidays, but we had lunch burritos with a couple of good friends - Conan and Lomo. 

Crowder was even there, someone I hadn't seen in ages. 

I can't help but think of Goldie Hawn for some reason...

We made multiple stops at Bi-Rite Creamery, which was right next to where we were staying.  Sooooo good. 

Is it weird that I've missed riding Muni?  The answer is yes, that is definitely weird. 

Ate at Squat and Gobble and was greeted with this in the bathroom. 

Street art in downtown SF. 

Shopping downtown with the Junget twins.  There was a shit ton of people down there. 

Anthropologie window display I took a photo of for reasons that are unclear to me at this moment. 

On our final day we had breakfast with our good friend Brandy, who was nice enough to give us a ride to the airport in her
surprisingly roomy Mini.  As always it was great to see her. 

We were flying Virgin so we got to fly out of the shiny mellow international terminal. 

Waiting to get to warmer weather in Socal...

Next stop: LA and the The Valley.