California, Part Three - December 2014

Random photos from my phone.

Flying into LAX on Christmas.  Lights everywhere.  

Chelsea's Grandma's Christmas tree - remove the top part of the fake tree, replace
with a tall ship.  Apparently her aunt bought it at a yardsale for a dollar.  

December in California means butterfly bushes are still blooming and attracting butterflies.

The top of Reseda Blvd gives a pretty nice view of the Valley.  It was helped on this day by being windy and much more clear than usual.  

Some lights near Grandmas.  House on the right is killing it.  

I've always loved this building on Ventura Blvd, and finally took a crappy photo of it.  

Ghost sign spotted near downtown LA.

Corbin Bowl on Ventura.  

More good signage near downtown.  

One of the very best signs, near USC.  So many rad signs everywhere.  

The Wiltern is an art deco landmark that we just happened upon, I was stoked to see it in person.  Photo
doesn't do it justice.  

57 Chevy cruising through downtown Ventura.    Had a mannequin in the passenger seat, who knows why.  

A bird's eye view of the Madonna Inn steak house.

The goblets in the coffee shop at the Madonna Inn.  

A panoramic shot of Swiss Rock, our room there.  

Hearst Castle.  

View of Santa Barbara from the famous pier.  I was probably eating a churro when I took this.  

The rides on the pier.  

Chelsea hitched a ride with some new friends.  

Panoramic shot of the famous carousel at the Santa Monica Pier.  Kinda disappointing that it's kept in a building called a hippodrome
but there are no hippos anywhere though.  

Chelsea took a ride on the carousel, and rode the weird rabbit horse.  

Panoramic shot of the Space Shuttle, not that I needed another.  Just because.  

On our final night, we stayed on the top floor of the Crowne Plaza in Beverly Hills, and this was the view from
our room.  Not too shabby of an ending...