California, Part Two - December 2014

One of the main reasons we drove up the coast was to see Hearst Castle.  I'm here to tell you - it's a big ass house.  

Close up of one of the spires or turrets or whatever you call this part of a fancy castle house.  

The details on everything are incredible.

The view of the coastline from up here is unbelievable.  

Tons of rad tilework.  

No words.

The famous pool was under repair so no shots of the beautiful blue water set amongst the Roman ruins.  Oh, and those are actual real
ruins that Hearst bought and had shipped in.

Now a couple of inside's hard to even detail how insane all of the elements of the art and furniture are at this place.  Apparently
this room was used as inspiration for some part of that Harry Potter franchise.  

The game room with both types of billiards table.  

An owl shitting out a human-like creature and a carved ceiling that was super old.  

Flags in the dining hall and a statue from the theater.  

Crazy tile work like this everywhere.  

But possibly the most impressive of it all was this indoor Roman pool - those are tiny one inch tiles and god knows how many of them there
are.  The pool was huge.  

Hearst also had a private zoo, and while most of the animals are long gone, there is still a couple of packs of wild zebras roaming the
property.  Nothing like driving through countryside and just seeing some zebras hanging out in a field!

One striped donkey is kicking the other one in the face!  HAHAHAHA

Our final adventure was going to the California Science Center to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour.  I don't know why they gave it a British
spelling but it was still super rad to see it in person.  

A close up of the nose.  

Some of the tiles that cover the surface fo the entire thing so it doesn't burn up in the atmosphere.  Burning up is not ideal for astronauts.  

A couple of shots of the "butt," as they call it.

I like looking at space ships.  The end.