Buster the foster dog - October 2011

We had been talking for ages about getting a second dog, so we tried our hand at fostering - meet Buster!

He was the sweetest cuddlebug of a dog I've ever known.  We don't allow our dog Burt on the furniture, but there was no stopping this guy. 

Seriously, look how cute this spoiled brat is. 

Apparently doing the dead bug is a universal hound trait. 

This was our attempt to get the dogs to pose for a photo together...

...this is about as close as we got. 

We got attached to him quickly and would have been more than happy to keep him forever, but luckily he got a permanent home after only
a week!  I was honestly pretty bummed to let him go but the folks he went to seemed like they would treat him great.  Hope you're happy in
your new home Buster, we miss you!