Brome Party - August 2009

I got invited to a party.  It doesn't happen often, so I took photos.  Which may be one of the reasons I don't often get invited to

The world over, parties always seem to congregate in the kitchen.  I guess it's where the beer usually is. 

For a short spell it was a shirt-free party, or at least Grayson was trying to make that happen. 

Luckily Ivan left his awesome airbrushed Gross Ghost shirt on. 

As it is his house, Brad was there.

Grayson put his shirt back on while Kelly showed off her Home Tapes tote bag. 

Everyone was gathered around the TV in the living room...why you ask?

...we were watching one of Brad's many tapes of Laker's playoff games.  This one was from 1986 I think.  We watched nearly
the whole game. 

Did I mention Brad was a Laker's fan?  He takes that shit pretty serious. 

Grayson and his continual states of shirt coverage. 

No party is complete without feathers.

There was a brief musical interlude when Brad (Megafaun), Phil (Bowerbirds) and Ivan (Rosebuds) sang a couple of songs.

  After I'd had my feel of party shenanigans I drove home and took photos of random things along the way.

And then I ate a waffle.  The end.