Bowling in Alameda November 2005  

In celebration of Lomo's birthday, she and Todd and Chelsea and I went bowling!  We started out
trying to go to Albany Bowl, but they were all booked up...which turned out to be just fine, cause we
just hopped over to the island paradise of Alameda and took up our game there.

None of which explains why Todd is posed like this.

Someone needs to tell Chelsea that they no longer manufacture "Sassy" magazine, so this look is all
for naught.

That look of dejection on my face and the single pin still standing is a pretty good indicator of what
kind of night I had.  I don't know how many times I knocked down 9 pins and then failed to pick up the
spare.  Plus my thumb was killing me from playing basketball the previous day, even my favorite
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony t-shirt couldn't make my night better.

But the great thing about bowling is that even if you're having a bad go of it on the lanes, you've still got
some tasty yellowish foodstuffs of various shapes to take your mind off of it.  I think I might like bowling
food more than the actual bowling.

Action sequence!  Well, kinda.  Todd is demonstrating in the first frame his "no holes" technique, where he
tosses a light ball in a palmed fashion as opposed to the normal method.  If you look at the pins in the second
frame, you can see just how effective this method is.

There's no smiling when you're getting your ass whooped by girls in bowling.  Actually, Chelsea almost
always beats me when we roll, at least two-thirds of the time I would guess.

The birthday girl actually won the first game!  Chelsea picked up the second.  I finished fourth and then
second, the first game being one of the worst I've rolled since I was a small child.

Despite the proclomations his finger is making, Todd did not finish first in either of our rounds.  One
might say his finger is writing checks his ass can't cash, eh?  Um, or maybe there was a booger.

I don't have anything particularly interesting or witty to say about this face Chelsea is making.  Except
that I hope it doesn't happen too often.

Todd was enjoying the nachos so much that I couldn't even get a focused picture of him.  

Despite a poor outing, there needs to be more bowling in my life.