Birthday BBQ & Pool Party - July 2007 

I turned 31, or 13 in Jake years. 

Chelsea greets the day with her impression of Japanese teenagers. 

Our neighbor, Priya, came down for a visit and to gossip about the goings-on of the apartment complex.
(Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter baby???)

Todd told me I only put photos on this website of him that in some way "defame" him.  I have no idea what he is talking

Zack came up from Palo Alto to participate in the poolside shenanigans with the rest of us.

Truly, we were ass-deep in folks from all over the Bay Area - Brandy and Clay made it over from Pacifica as well! 
Pacifica, that's like another country what with its insane amount of fog and fancy grocery stores with common names
(I'm looking in your direction, "Food Town").

Clay!  As noted in the above caption!

Verification that the "birthday bbq" involved an actual bbq.  In case you were wondering.

I made it my mission of the day to only take photos of people as they ate.  Todd - eating!  Oh, and Lomo showed up! 

Chelsea - eating!

Zack - pretending to eat!

Tack showed up wearing an "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt, with the arrow pointing up, but I was too stupid ot take a photo
of it. 

Lisa came as well, and at no point did she claim to be with stupid either verbally or by shirt slogan. 

The cool thing about this picture is I didn't even ask them to make shit faces, it just occured naturally. 

Despite how the photo looks, Chelsea is not topless here.  Pure camera trickery. 

Trying to explain what was going on here would only ruin what is one of my most favoritest photos ever. 

Missy showed up for a little pool time later in the day, bearing pool toys as usual.  I think she has supplied nearly all of
our pool treats since we moved in. 

Ajax came towards the end as well with his youngins, which livlied things up quite a bit.  Angus managed to elude the
camera, but I did get a flick of...

Another damn cute baby, Rosie!  It was a baby kind of day.  I think that means we are getting old. 

Todd went ot design school, giving him that extra something special it takes to design an efficient human sun canopy.

No birthday is complete without ice cream cake!!!  Good times had by all.