Wrightsville Beach & Lola's Third Birthday - July & August 2018

Two posts for the price of one!

In mid-July we went to Wrightsville Beach for a few days.  Apparently Lola was doing push-ups.  

She quite enjoyed herself.  We were cleaning sand out of her crevices for the next week.  

Same for her.  

Papaw Bryan & I took Lo down to the aquarium at Fort Fisher, and then I promptly forgot to take photos almost the entire time.  But here are some turtles that
weren't really even part of the aquarium...

...plus Lo and Papaw posign in the giant prehistoric shark mouth, as one does.  

In late August it was Lo's birthday again, which seems to happen every year.  She turned three, which earns you a cake tastefully decorated with mini Thomas
the Tank Engine trains.  

There were also squirt guns...

...and family visiting from California - Uncle Skyler pictured here.  I forgot to get photos of Grammy and Sky's lady, Ann.  

Twins, seperated by six years.  

To no shock she was quite excited to eat cake.  

And even more excited to open presents.  

Part of the gift-pocalypse...Thomas, Paw Patrol, and Peppa dominated the scene.