BANDWAY!!! - August 2010

The greatest band in the history of mankind reformed for another show. 

The elaborate stage set up...good to see they replaced their spray painted sign, because I know they lost an old one to some
ne'er-do-wells who took it off the stage.  It supposedly lives in a basement in Winston-Salem now. 

Here they are, Bo and Brooks, the saviors of rock-n-roll.  The real life Wyld Stallyns. 

Feelin' kinda sensitive.  Singing one of them panty dropper songs. 

Adonis in lights. 

This photo is the best approximation of a Bandway show...shirt unbuttoned, arms in the air, rocking out with reckless abandon. 
Sloppy, drunk, perfect.

I also recorded some videos at the show.  The sound is really, really crappy on these, but here they are anyways.  I never
claimed to be no Spielberg. 

Balls Out

Four Day Weekend

I'm a Winner

King Kong


Turn to the Bong