Random Crappy Band Photos Part 11 - November & December 2011

The Sea & Cake at the Local 506 - 11/11/2011
Can't fathom a point in my life where I won't jump at the chance to see these guys live. 

Gross Ghost & Lilac Shadows at Tir Na Nog - 11/23/2011
Good local bands, and free, how can you lose?

Lilac Shadows

Gross Ghost

Future Islands & Ed Schrader's Music Beat at the Cat's Cradle - 11/27/2011
Two of my very favorite live bands in the world right now. 

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Future Islands

Beirut at the Cat's Cradle - 12/8/2011
My camera battery died about halfway through the first song, so I didn't get much.  Great show though.